Chevalier Training Centre, Wainadoi Fiji


Founder of the Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart

Jules Chevalier (March 15, 1824 - October 21, 1907) was a French Catholic Priest and founder of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He experienced childhood poverty and learnt a trade, initially being apprenticed as a shoemaker at age 12.

He was later sponsored by a benefactor in order to fulfil his vocation to the priesthood. Father Chevalier was convinced that the Jesus he found in the Gospels was a person of deep compassion and understanding. This open-hearted Jesus is the one who wants to bring hope and healing to all human beings. Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, like their Founder Jules Chevalier, are committed to touching the hearts of people with the love of God that they themselves have experienced. Jules Chevalier first dreamed of a group of people who would bring a message of love and hope to a world in which there was a general feeling of hopelessness and despair. His ideals are being fulfilled at Chevalier Training Centre under the motto “Helping the Present – Forming the Future”.

Chevalier Training Centre Origin

Chevalier Farm Training Centre is located off the Queens Highway, at Wainadoi in the province of Namosi, Fiji. It is a project of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (M.S.C.), a Catholic religious order working in Fiji, and is under the direction of the Chevalier Youth Trust Board. The Centre opened in 1992 to offer a practical education for the underprivileged boys and young men of Fiji. Applications are open to young men between the ages of 16 and 21 from any religious or racial background.

Chevalier Youth Trust Board

The Chevalier Youth Farm Training Centre is managed by an independent Board of Trustees registered under the Charitable Trusts Act cap 67. It was established by the Missionary Society of the Sacred Heart and operates under the constitution and rules established and registered for the purpose. Funding from benefactors and the modest term fees for Chevalier Training Centre is managed by the Board. The Board supports the certificate programs and also the additional timetabling which includes encouraging attendance at the weekly Mass in the chapel, choir, and religious education supported from Brothers from the adjacent MSC Novitiate’s

Courses Offered

Students will be enrolled in one of four trade certificates. The certificates have support subjects in English, mathematics and technical drawing. All students are co-enrolled in the Certificate in Farm Management (Agriculture- root crops, animals etc.). These two year certificates are accredited and approved by the Fiji Higher Education Commission. An externally administered Junior Tradesman Class III Trade Test is offered at the end of year two of trade certificates by the Fiji National University (FNU)

Click on the links of Courses offered

Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics


Certificate in Cabinet Making

Certificate in Carpentry

Certificate in Welding and Fabrication

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry


Getting to Chevalier Training Centre

By Road – Turn at Wainadoi Police Post

Follow signs along the “Zipline Road”

By Bus - Take a Sigatoka or Galoa Bus

(from Suva) Ask to stop at Wainadoi Police Post