Sacrifice of the Mass led by Fr Sosefo Leleivai MSC and assisted by (L-R) Fr Sosefo Vikena MSC, Fr Ipasio Sionepoe MSC, Fr Lomano Kauvaitupu MSC and Fr Johnny Arnold MSC.
Wednesday, 25th January 2023 

Day Four begins with the prayer, reflection and communal wisdom on Jesus as the Good Shepherd; 

"In Jesus we see the Good Shepherd who goes in search of those who are lost, who knows his own and gives his life to save them. he shows us the Father's deep concern for those who are considered unimportant and whose rights are disregarded. We learn from him hwo is gentle and humble of heart who eases our burdens and gives us rest. He also makes demands and speaks with authority. To those who come to him, he gives his own strength and courage to help them live and work for justice and peace." Constitutions Chapter 2 Spirit of the Society #7

"The Word coming from the Heart of his Father, made the world emerge from nothing; and from the Heart of the Incarnate Word, pierced on Calvary, I see a new world emerging, the world of those he has chosen. And this creation, so fertile, full of grandeur and inspirted by love and mercy, is the Church, the mystical body of Christ, which makes this new creation present on earth until the end of time."  Jules Chevalier, 1900

Nomination for a Provincial Superior

After the prayer, reflection and communal wisdom on leadership the members of the Chapter gathered at the PRS Chapel for a second stage of nomination. The first stage of nomination in general was conducted online six months before the Chapter. 

Provincial Statutes 

Apart from the Constitutions and Statutes of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart every Province, even Pro-Province and Unions has to have their own Statutes (Provincial Statutes). The Provincial Statutes projected in sections for review and amendments. 

At 5pm the Sacrifice of the Mass led and organized by Wallis and Futuna Community followed by dinner and social.

Health and Well-Being

After dinner at 7pm Dr Luisa Rauto and Sr Lusia presented one of the most needed topics on Health and Wellbeing. This topic was included and integrated into the Chapter programme because of recent deaths of our members were the results of NCDs. Dr Luisa emphasized that Life is sacred and it is God's gift. She outlined certain aspects of our body that we need to know in order to maintain and control our health and wellbeing. A need to differentiate between "hungry and appetites." She gave a hopeful remark that it will never too late even in the critical stage of NCDs because there are still strategies and guidelines to maintain and controll it by being faithful to treat and to heal. "Only 2000 calories and at least 2 littres of water a day. Balanced diet and exercise at least 30mins walk" Dr Luisa advised. 

At the end of the presentation the members were asked to feel free to do their health screening at the dining room. Shockingly the doctor found "high blood pressure!" 

Scrutineers and observers of the Provincial nomination (L-R) Fr Paul Cashen MSC, Fr Sosefo Leleivai MSC, Fr Chris Chaplin MSC and Fr Gaberieli Dulunaqio MSC.
Moderator of the Chapter Fr Johnny Arnold MSC 
(L-R) Br Kaake Ioane MSC, Fr Beniata Bakatete MSC, Fr Rataro Raimon MSC, Fr Kris , Br Ibeatabu Itimaroroa MSC, Fr Augustine Kim MSC and Fr Sosefo Leleivai MSC. 
(L-R) Fr Keleto Lemo MSC, Fr Martin Everi MSC, Fr Chris Chaplin MSC, Fr Paul Cashen MSC, Fr Gaberieli Dulunaqio MSC and Br Kirata Baare MSC 
Presentation on Health and Well-Being by Dr Luisa Rauto
Spectrum of Health by Dr Luisa Rauto
Amount of calories in every food reminding us that only 2000 calories we need in a day
Fr Soane checking his blood pressure and getting advices from Sr Lusia while Fr Taaia also receiving advices from Dr Luisa. 
Fr Chris Chaplin measured Br Colin's height. 
Mimicking the que at CWM Hospital 'first come first serve' model