Pray with us

A few prayers extracted from our MSC Daily Prayer Book


Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

the great things the Lord has done for you.

He chose you for his Mother,

He wanted you close to his cross.

He gives you a share in his glory.

He listens to your prayer.

Offer him our prayers

of praise and thanksgiving;

present our petitions to him.

Let us live like you

in the love of your Son

that his Kingdom may come.

Lead all people

to the source of living water

that flows from his heart,

spreading over the world

hope and salvation,

justice and peace.

See our trust in you;

answer our prayer.

Show yourself always our Mother. Amen

During this novena, in December 1854 we promised the

Blessed Virgin that if she heard our prayer we would take

the title, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and that

we would strive to carry out the beautiful and

profound meaning of this title.

Jules Chevalier


Lord Jesus,

Saviour of the world and source of holiness,

look with kindness

on all whom you have chosen

to be Missionaries of your loving Heart.

Ask your heavenly Father

to keep us in your love,

and sanctify us in the truth

so that you may be glorified in us

and we may reflect your goodness.

Ask your Father to keep us from evil

that we may always be united in bonds of love.

As you are one with your Father,

so may we be one with each other

in your divine Heart,

whose sentiments shall forever be ours

and to which we consecrate ourselves

in time and for eternity. Amen.

The greatest charity, the most perfect unity

will always prevail among members

of the little community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Gentleness, humility, obedience, a spirit of poverty,

of zeal, of sacrifice, of devotedness will be their lot.

Jules Chevalier

Family Prayer to the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

we entrust our family to you.

Look down upon us and reveal to us

the treasures of your love, goodness, and grace in your Heart.

Forgive our sins and fortify our weaknesses,

that we may serve you faithfully as you deserve.

These favors we ask for ourselves and

for every family in our neighborhood and homeland.

Heart of Jesus, pierced by a soldier’s lance on Calvary, be

our refuge in life and our gateway to paradise.





In union with all the sick, and with all those who ask

graces of God through the intercession of the Servant of

God, Jules Chevalier, let us say:

God, our Father,

you loved us so much that you gave us Jesus, your Son,

for the salvation of the whole world.

We thank you for having given your Church

Father Jules Chevalier

to offer the Word of Life

and thus bring a remedy to the ills of his time.

Contemplating with Mary

“the one who was pierced”,

he was the enthusiastic apostle of the

Sacred Heart and of Jesus’ merciful love,

which he wished to make loved everywhere.

Father, by his intercession,

and according to your will,

grant us the grace

that we ask of you......(pause)......inspired as we are

by the living hope

that he will be proposed to the faithful

for veneration as an intercessor and model. Amen.