First Profession,Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Foundation Day and Closing of the Year of St Joseph

The Chevalier Family celebrated the Solemnity Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception together with the 167th Year Anniversary of the foundation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart at Chevalier Training Centre Chapel in Wainadoi, Wednesday 08th December, 2021. It was also a joyful celebration of the First Profession of Br Iosefo Lui and Br Taomwati Bukataake. Fr Tamati Sefo MSC (Provincial) received their first vows and these were witnessed by the Chevalier Family and friends. Fr Tamati thanked the two newly professed members for their response to God's call like Mary who also responded "Yes" to God. He also thanked Tekea and Mateo who were also part of the novitiate this year for deciding to discern more about their vocation. As the sevusevu (Fijian traditional welcome ceremony) ended Fr Tamati took the opportunity to thank Fr Tetoaiti for taking on the difficult task of being Novice Master and for assisting in the formation of these young men. Fr Tetoaiti has been Novice Master for two years now and going for the third next year 2022.

As the Church worldwide celebrated the closing of the Year of St Joseph, Fr Tamati thanked God for the gift of St Joseph our Protector. St Joseph holds a special place in our hearts as we honor him as our patron and protector.