MSC General Chapter 2023

published: 21st September, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

The moment of the process we have been preparing for has arrived. But the most wonderful is that we can be together as brothers and sisters, members of the Chevalier Family.

How good it is to see brothers and sisters gathered and even better to see brothers and sisters talking to each other, listening to each other, and listening to the Spirit so that together we can face the future as it emerges. [...]

Fr Abzalón Alvarado, msc. Opening Mass of the General Chapter 2023. Homily. source: Ametur MSC facebook

Fr Vito Kelekele MSC (Provinicial) and Fr Simione Volavola MSC are the delegates from the MSC Province of the Pacific Islands. According to the Pre-Chapter published on, there are eight Pre-Chapter online sessions via zoom. The discussion focused on three major topics for the General Chapter 2023. 


The General Chapter is a time of prayerful reflection, discernment and communal discernment. The duration of the General Chapter lasts several days. This year's General Chapter lasts three weeks, 17th September to 7th October. 

The General Chapter held in Rome every six years in the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The last General Chapter was 2017 when the delegates  approved a number of documents that will form the foundation of our vision and mission for the future. These include:

• Initial and Ongoing Formation

• Laity

• Integrity in Ministry

• Protection of Minors

• Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

• Restructuring

• Communication and Evangelisation 

(source: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart :: MSC :: Australia :: FINAL REPORT FROM THE GENERAL CHAPTER ( 

Fr Vito Kelekele MSC (front-right) and Fr Simione Volavola MSC (back-left) are the delegates of the MSC General Chapter 2023, met confreres in Rome Fr Ipasio Sionepoe MSC (front-left) and Fr John Fong MSC (back-right) who are currently study in Rome.