Sacrifice of the Mass led by Fr Tavita Lemusu MSC assisted by (L-R) Fr Rataro Raimon MSC, Fr Tokabwebwe Kiaman MSC and Fr Keleto Lemo MSC.
Tuesday, 24th January 2023 

Day three begins with prayer, reflection and communal wisdom on Formation. The talks and sharing focused on the reports and important aspects of the Formation. Fr Chris Chaplin MSC (one of the facilitators) guided the members of the Chapter to look into the Formation by using the SOAR analysis (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results anlysis) the same as the SWOT analysis. 

The Formation team presented during the Chapter consists of three formators, Fr Poneventura Luatuanuu MSC (Post-Novitiate), Br Colin Sinclair MSC (Pre-Notiate) and Fr Tetoaiti Tokanikai (Noviatiate). There is other two members, Fr Vito Kelekele MSC and Fr Beniata Bakatete MSC who also were members of the team in the entire three-year term of leadership. 

As the analysis process rolled out for discussions, sharing and deliberations the Chapter put forward recommendations to be proceeded into an act of the Chapter by simply putting it into statements which were proceeded and approved by the Chapter.  

Fr. Tamati thanked the formation team for their presentation and good work. He announced to the Chapter members that three of the brothers have been approved for Finals Vows by the Superior General Fr Abzalon Tovar. The final vows will be held on 21st February 2023 and the main celebrant will be the Superior General.

Day three ends with the Sacrifice of the Mass led and organized by Samoa, Nauru and Marshall Islands Community followed by dinner and social.

Fr Pone, Br Colin and Fr Tetoaiti
SOAR ANALYSIS presented by Fr Chris Chaplin MSC (Facilitator)
Group Sharing
Group sharing: recommendations: Br Gerald
Fr Abzalon Tovar MSC (Superior General)
Mass with the members of the Chevalier Family Laity
Mass with the members of the Chevalier Family Laity
L-R: Fr Paul Cashen MSC (Facilitator and member of the Australian Province), Br Laisenia Ralake MSC, Fr Epeli Lutua MSC, Fr Tetoaiti Tokanikai MSC, MSC Superior General Fr Abzalon Tovar MSC, Fr Marisiale Weleca MSC and Br Geral Warbrooke MSC.