Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Our Vision

To develop and produce young graduates with religious ideals and values who are good and useful countrymen of Fiji and assets to their families, their communities and Fijian society.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Chevalier Farm is to make an important contribution by providing education and future employment opportunities for Fijian youth. Many of our students have not been able to complete secondary education because of family poverty, or who are unemployed and realize they need skills with which to get a job. Our mission is to help them face life with confidence and dignity. Chevalier Farm Training Centre meets the needs in Fiji which are not met by other educational institutions. Chevalier has a special interest in youth from broken homes, those caught in patterns of rejection, and those who have been in prison or in trouble with the police. Our priority is to assist those who have least hope, though the Training Centre can only contribute to the lives of those who really want to be there and want to learn.

Our Goal

To provide the students with the best possible facilities, curriculum, teaching, tuition and training to prepare the students for their careers in life.

To ensure only the best tutors, teachers and volunteers, of high ethical and moral values, licensed by the Ministry of Education, are appointed for the effective delivery of the Institution’s programs.

To provide a home away from home and a safe and secure environment and with a duty of care for the needs and the welfare of the students.

To provide a climate of love and understanding to enable the students to develop their own individual God given talents and personality to a high level of excellence.

Main Objective

To educate, train and empower young people to acquire education, training and skills for the betterment of life and to encourage under-privileged youths in their total human development especially in areas of responsibility, morals and ethics, self-help, excellence, respect for religion and dedication to God and our country.