Laity of the Chevalier Family

The Vision of the International Council of the Laity of the Chevalier Family

Following thirty years of work around the globe by many, many significant professed and lay members of the MSC,FDNSC and MSC sisters a structure by which to hold the emerging movement has been developed and ratified both by the laity in Brazil in 2017 and the members of the Trigeneralate. Fr Hans Kwakman msc has been appointed as Spiritual Accompanier for the global movement and Fr Polce Pitoy msc, Sr Nicola Sprenger msc and Sr Merle Salasar fdnsc are the contacts for the movement with the Trigeneralate.

The vision and mission of the international movement is expressed in the opening statements of the Guiding Principles and Statutes document:

This is a bold vision and the International Council in collaboration with National Councils has begun the work of implementing these Guiding Principles and Statutes globally. The steps we have taken thus far more