by: Robati Tebaiuea MSC

PRS Second Term Two Weeks Break. Every end is just the beginning!

The PRS second term break has come to an end and term 3 has just begun. Because of the ongoing Covid restrictions the brothers had remained in Wailoku for the break. They spent their break renovating their houses, gardening and farming plus following the daily program of prayers and masses.

Academic Formation in a New Normal, Doors closed, online windows opened!

The Covid Delta variant struck Fiji for more than six months and will probably continue to the end of this year. Covid19 active cases over the past six months have increased on a daily basis. The Fijian government announced recently that the Covid19 restrictions will be slowly relaxed and lifted in October if the country achieves the full vaccination of 80% of the population. As a result all schools have been closed and adapting to new normal strategies such as online classes. The brothers at Wailoku also attended online classes in order to meet the requirements of their formation programmes.

Digital World vs Reality - Experiencing our world through the eyes of Mass Media.

There is no doubt that the mass media has played its role in providing information we need including academia. Computer technology is essentially a key player in this rapid growth of media and communications. Social media has become a popular communications among the young generation nowadays. There is a need to be responsible and the awareness of the disadvantages of social media. Due to the covid19 restrictions the Church has given priests permission to say their Masses online especially using social media such as facebook.