Fr Adrian Meaney Visits

Post date: Aug 13, 2014 3:26:38 AM

Fr Adrian Meaney msc from the Mission Office Australia visits Fiji at least once a year and we are so fortunate to have him again.

The Mission Office Australia has done tremendous assistance in many ways especially to the Poor, the Disadvantaged Youths, Clean water projects,

Yesterday he visited the Novices and Pre-Novices at Wainadoi in the morning and the Scholasticates at Wailoku in the evening.

He talked to the seminarians mainly on four important areas of being a good priest:

  1. The importance of right healthy living

  2. Publications such as the Pacific Union Annals

  3. Doing works with the poor.

  4. Radio Broadcasting opportunity in local languages.

After the talk all members of the community put on their habit for the photo and video recordings. Each of them shared about their past and why they want to become an MSC.