Sacred Heart House – Chevalier Hostel – Wailoku Communities

By Br Warren Perrotto MSC

The Sacred Heart House and Chevalier Hostel communities joined the Wailoku Community to celebrate the nativity of the Province of the Pacific Islands. It began with a gathering in the conference hall, where Br. Gerald Warbrooke, MSC, opened the assembly, welcoming everyone with remarks concerning our new status as a Province. A video presentation followed from our senior members. In the video, Br. Colin Sinclair, MSC, included a brief informative history of the MSC presence here in the Pacific Islands.

Another video depicted historical and present photos of members. The videos were prepared by pre-novice Atanikakia Tiotebwa, Br. Tokintekai Arikiti, MSC, and Br. Bwebwentetaake Kouen, MSC, coordinator of the video program. The session closed with Fr. Tamati Sefo, MSC reading the official announcement establishing our new entity and with grateful observations for all those who contributed to this wonderful occasion. Relatives, MSC lay members and benefactors were notably included for their commitment, support, and service given to the MSC.

Following this session, the community processed to the chapel for a Mass of Thanksgiving. The students processed with either the flag of their country or an artifact from their homeland. Fr. Tamati presided with Fr. Pone Luatuanuu, MSC. Br. Colin Sinclair, MSC, delivered an inspiring homily for this important day. A meal waited for us after the liturgy. It was also a time to tell memorable stories about their first contact with the MSC.