A love for music

A Love for Music

by: Tupeni Rayawa, Chevalier Hostel student.

Published: 10th November, 2021.

Br. Laisenia Nasevua, MSC (affectionally known as Br. Lai), loves music and is a talented musician. During this pandemic, Br. Laisenia tutored music classes every evening with two of our Chevalier Hostel tenants.

These two young men are happy to have Br. Lai with them during this virus crisis. They are both interested in music, playing the guitar, and singing various melodies. In Brother's own words, "When you sing, you sing it with confidence, and you're in a different world."

In today's society, most of us have forgotten our culture, heritage, traditions, and history about our ancestors. Music teaches us about language. So much of the communication we give and receive in life is through music. Music provides an entertaining form of repetition that is conducive to memory, and it is a vital part of improving and maintaining our cultural identity.

How does music play a role in our society? For me as a student, music has the most basic nature as a communication tool. Although it is a way to share information, ideas, and feelings, it also provides an avenue for us, young people, to communicate, whether by writing down our thoughts in the form of song lyrics or by using songs from other artists to send a message.

This pandemic brought great things into our lives. Therefore, we can learn new things in a peaceful environment to understand the way people interact with each other in this generation towards our future.